Strategic areas of development


Rail network optimisation is planned:

  • In the under 1,500 km route segment:
    • accelerate trains
    • increase capacity
  • In the over 1,500 km route segment:
    • improve efficiency
    • implement a hub-based model
    • develop high-speed lines after 2025.


Over 4,400 carriages will be retired from FPC’s passenger fleet between 2020 and 2022. To compensate for the carriage fleet shortage, the Company has significantly increased the previously planned investment into rolling stock replacement and upgrades.

4,200 carriages (a third of the total rolling stock) will be replaced between 2020 and 2025. The innovative rolling stock will make up approximately 36% of the total rolling stock by 2025.

The carriages will be purchased under the long-term contract signed with JSC TVZ, valid until 2025 and providing for the supply of rolling stock in four batches:

  • Existing model range
  • New single-decker carriages
  • New double-decker carriages
  • Innovative single-deckers and double-deckers.

The rolling stock will feature an improved carriage design characterised by:

  • personal space and privacy during rest
  • spacious accommodation and freedom of movement
  • low floors for easy boarding and barrier-free environment
  • dedicated baggage areas
  • advanced technical equipment
  • IT-driven development (Digital Railway).

Product offering

The Company is planning the transition to a new unified product offering which includes:

  • four train types – daytime express trains, night express trains, regular trains, and tourist trains
  • four service classes – business, comfort, econome, economy budget.


The Company provides transport services across six multimodal routes. In 2019, three multimodal transport routes were launched with the participation of bus transport at a landfill in the Nizhny Novgorod region to test passenger information technologies and using the mobile AWPautomated workplace. cashier.

To further develop our ticket aggregation system for different modes of transport, the Company designed a multimodal route builder, now available at, which can be used to build routes with up to four legs using different modes of transport.

FPC is planning to further grow sales of its multimodal services and improve the performance of its existing routes by:

  • launching at least 100 routes on by aggregating tickets for different modes of transport
  • launching sales of multimodal tickets on trains.

Other types of activities and adjacent businesses

FPC’s sustainability will be further enhanced by diversifying its operations as well as developing businesses that improve the profitability of passenger services through value-added service offerings:

  • On-train passenger services
  • Services for travellers across transport modes
  • Logistics services (cargo, mail, etc.).

FPC’s target product portfolio

is diversified by value proposition, service class and carriage age