Types of Activities

FPC engages in:

1 Rail passenger services on domestic routes in the regulated sector using:
  • third-class open sleeping carriages
  • fourth-class seating carriages
  • motorised carriages
2 Rail passenger services on domestic routes in the deregulated sector using:
  • deluxe and saloon carriages
  • first-class sleeping compartment carriages
  • second-class sleeping compartment carriages
  • carriages with seats
  • “special order” passenger services and regular tourist trips
  • all carriage types in higher-speed trains
  • running of third-party carriages on FPC trains on domestic routes
3 International long-distance passenger services:
  • Passenger services on international routes
  • Running of third-party carriages on FPC trains on international routes
4 Baggage, unaccompanied baggage, and mail transport:
  • Baggage transport
  • Unaccompanied baggage transport
  • Running of carriages for freight forwarders on FPC trains
5 Other lines of business:
  • Repair and maintenance of clients’ rolling stock
  • Providing additional services on trains
  • Other types of activities:
    • Leasing rolling stock
    • Leasing real estate and equipment

Competitive advantages of long-distance trains

Competitive advantages of FPC’s long-distance trains:

  • Passenger safety
  • Comfortable travel
  • Provision for the carriage of passengers with special needs
  • Children up to five years old travelling free of charge
  • Increased baggage allowance: in addition to personal items, passengers are allowed to carry hand luggage of up to 36 kg, or up to 50 kg in first-class sleeping carriages, per each ticket for free
  • No lengthy check-in procedure and railway station proximity to centres of cities and other locations
  • An environmentally-friendly and safe mode of transport