Customer service levels

The Company maintains a strong focus on continuous monitoring of customer satisfaction with its services by running passenger surveys.

Modern feedback channels like online surveys on the website, provide up-to-date trip reviews and service quality ratings, enabling the Company to promptly respond to passenger proposals and complaints.

In 2019, the number of respondents providing feedback via this channel almost tripled year-on-year to approximately 489,000.

Customer service quality aspects are rated against a set of criteria, such as:

  • Ticket purchasing experience (website, mobile app, ticket office)
  • Service pricing
  • Passenger service on-board (travel comfort, including for travel with children; safety and security; technical condition and cleanliness of carriages; attendants’ performance; bed linen and travel kit)
  • Meals and catering (prepaid meals, merchandise offered by attendants, dining carriage services)
  • RZD Bonus Loyalty Programme.
Overall passenger service level score in 2019 On a 1 to 5 scale, where 1 is very poor, and 5 is excellent.

Based on the 2019 surveys, we earned an overall customer service level score of 4.33 (on a 1 to 5 scale), up 0.11 points year-on-year.

Passenger ratings and feedback enable us to identify and address areas for improvement in customer service and service categories. The Company is maintaining its competitive edge by enhancing our customer service in such targeted areas through boosting the performance of relevant units, developing initiatives to expand the range and improve the quality of services, and drive customer service innovation across ticket offices and long-distance trains.

In order to measure passenger loyalty to the Company and willingness to recommend it to others, a Net Promoter Score (NPS) index monitoring was carried out in 2019.

According to the surveys carried out in 2019, we earned an NPS score of 43 (up 1 point year-on-year). The number of respondents was approximately 32,000.

Passenger Net Promoter Score in 2019NPS = share of promoters – share of critics.

Convenience of using the services, comfort of the trip and trust in the company are key strengths FPC, marked by passengers in the course of the study.

Most passengers are ready to recommend the company’s services (high loyalty) – the share of promoters is more than three times higher than the share of critics.

We will continue to measure our NPS score to track the dynamics of loyalty metrics and evaluate the performance of initiatives implemented to improve the quality of our services.

The Company’s key customer loyalty initiatives include rolling stock renewals; improvements to passenger service, including customer service standards; adopting new service delivery approaches; and introducing and developing a new product offering, i.e. transitioning to a new product line.