Conflict of Interest Resolution and Corruption Prevention

Conflict of interest resolution

The procedure for identifying and resolving conflicts of interest arising with the Company employees is set out in the Regulations on Conflict of Interest Resolution at JSC FPC approved by the Board of Directors.

The Company has in place a Commission for Resolving Conflicts of Interest. In 2019, the Commission identified one conflict of interest which was resolved in due time as determined by the Commission.

As part of an effort to identify conflicts of interest, eight potential conflicts of interest were eliminated by employees before they were reviewed by the Commission.

Preventing and Countering Corruption

JSC FPC’s Anti-Corruption Policy was adopted, which reflects the Company’s commitment to conducting open and fair business activities, following best practices in corporate governance, and maintaining a good business reputation.

The Security Department comprising the Corporate Relations Control and Anti-Corruption Unit set up in 2019 is responsible for preventing corruption.

FPC has in place its Anti-Corruption Hotline.

The Company’s website also has the publicly available Anti-Corruption section.

FPC implements measures to prevent and combat corruption in line with its Anti-Corruption Plan for 2019–2020.

FPC also consistently interacts with law enforcement bodies to identify breaches of anti-corruption laws. In 2019, no FPC employees were held criminally liable for corruption-related crimes.