Policy and quality targets

FPC’s corporate quality management system (FPC’s QMS) is built in line with Russian Railways’ Quality Management Strategy, the Development Strategy of JSC FPC, and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems — Requirements.

Quality management activities in the Company are governed by JSC FPC’s Quality Policy.

In managing the quality of its services, FPC strives to:

  • meet customer requirements and expectations by continuously improving service quality and ensuring high levels of service, comfort, and safety
  • continuously improve the Company’s operational efficiency and performance by enhancing its QMS and business processes and introducing new technologies for lean production, rolling stock maintenance, and customer service.

To achieve these goals and ensure sustainable development, FPC’s management undertakes to:

  1. Follow the Management’s Leadership principle, foster collaboration between employees in achieving goals, enhance employees’ competence, motivation, and corporate relations culture.
  2. Support and develop mutually beneficial long-term relations with suppliers, improve the satisfaction levels among the Company’s customers and all its stakeholders.
  3. Manage potential corporate risks, prevent recurring and potential inconsistencies, and make decisions based on objective evidence and stakeholder requirements.
  4. Keep its QMS compliant with ISO 9001:2015 international standard and stakeholder requirements.
  5. Continuously improve its corporate quality management system, enhance operational efficiency and performance through process improvement, innovation and cost optimisation.

The management of FPC assumes responsibility for the organization of work on the implementation and provision of the necessary resources of this policy in the field of quality.