Key Objectives for 2020

FPC’s Key Objectives for 2020:


Consolidating the Company’s position in the passenger services market through route network expansion, offering a new level of customer service, significantly expanding the range of services, rolling stock upgrades, and passenger infrastructure upgrades and modernisation


Implementing the initiatives outlined in JSC FPC’s Development Strategy until 2030. The key initiatives of the Strategy to be implemented in 2020: design together with Russian Railways of a feasibility study for launching and accelerating Centre–South trains, expansion of the double-decker service footprint, launches of new higher-speed trains, improving the competitiveness of the existing product line and rolling stock replacement under a long-term contract for rolling stock procurement from TVZ


Ensuring sustainable transportation services


Building digital capabilities and active deployment of digital technologies to enhance the efficiency of internal processes, improve services and make customer management models more adaptable


Design and implementation of integrated marketing projects to develop new offerings in the passenger services market