Enhancing meal quality

On-board catering

In 2019, we continued to successfully grow our on-board catering service. Meals may be pre-ordered when purchasing a ticket at a ticket office or online, or ordered directly from a carriage attendant during the journey.

Catering for organised groups of children

To improve customer service for organised groups of children and simplify the meal ordering process for them, in July 2019, we provided children group leaders with an option to order Sanitary Rules-compliant catering services for their groups when purchasing their tickets.

~ 210 ‘000 passengers
use the service “on-board catering”

Food delivery to a carriage door

In mid-December 2019, the Company launched a new service whereby passengers can order door-to-door food and add-on items delivery from restaurants located in cities where FPC’s trains have stops on their journeys.

Towards the end of December, passengers were already using the Russian Railways official website to order door-to-door food deliveries from Papa John’s, the first restaurant to join the service, to trains departing from four railway stations in Moscow (Leningradsky, Kursky, Yaroslavsky and Kazansky).

> 27
meals were provided in 2019Meals were provided to 6,500 pre-school and primary-school passengers.